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    Spoiler Alert…. still down and the IRS moves slowly! Long story short…. the E-Services update is taking forever! You are still unable to apply for an additional EFIN or modify an existing one. Please read the IRS’s most recent information release below. e-file News for Large and Mid-Size Corporations October 27, 2017 Useful Links: ...
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    IRS just sent out the email below with some important information related to PTINs’! Dear Tax Professional, Congratulations! To thank you for repeatedly renewing your Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) early, you have the opportunity to renew your PTIN before the season opens to other tax return preparers. The PTIN system is ready to accept ...
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    This article is a 100% copy/paste job directly off the IRS Website! It is very well written and incredibly thorough! If you deal with ITIN #’s with any frequency, you should probably read this. Article pulled from Which ITINs expired January 1, 2017? Q1: Which ITINs expired January 1, 2017? A1: The following ITINs expired ...
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    Our Banking Partners are awesome and have agreed to share with the RightWay Community the specifics of their programs for the 2017 Tax Season via webinar.    Based on the feedback from last year’s bank webinar sessions we changed up the format a little bit. Every Banking Partner will have their own designated webinar session, ...
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    Security Update – Windows 7, Windows Server 2008R2, Windows Server 2012 As concerns over cyber security increase, IRS requirements for the encryption used to transmit information to the IRS have increased.   These guidelines also apply when sending information to companies like ours. Several older operating systems such as Windows 7, Windows Server 2008R2 and Windows ...
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    The IRS is beating the Don’t Take the Bait drum loud these days. They have sent multiple communication regarding E-services phishing scams in the last few months. It appears another wave of attacks are imminent/underway; being that this is the second alert/bulletin on this topic in the last week. So… Please read below and be hyper ...
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