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    We hope not, but if you or one of your tax clients did receive a letter-do not panic. There are many reasons why the IRS would send a letter and believe it or not, they are not all bad. The most important thing to remember is to follow the instructions and respond if required. If ...
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    Since the IRS e-file system went down for most of the day on Tuesday April 17th (Tax filing deadline), the IRS has granted an additional day for taxpayers to file and pay their taxes. This applies to both individuals and business who had a tax deadline of April 17th. The new deadline to file and ...
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    Hopefully this post was a waste of time and the system is back up by the time you read this. In the event it’s not. The IRS MeF system currently Non-Operational. This outage is also impacting the following IRS Systems: • Where’s my Refund • Transcripts Things to know: 1. Acknowledgements will be delayed. 2. ...
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    Do you know anybody that hasn’t filled a 2014 tax return? According to the IRS, there is more than 1.1 billion in unclaimed tax refunds. The average refund owed is between 700 to 900 dollars. Here is the official list that identifies where the money is owed by state. Texas, followed by California and Florida, ...
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    On Friday February 9th the ‘Bi-partisan Budget Act of 2018′ was signed into law. This legislation extends and modifies numerous tax provisions that cover tax year 2017. It also contains disaster relief for victims of the California wildfires and special relief provisions for Puerto RIco. While the IRS digests all of it’s implications for affected ...
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    The IRS wants taxpayers in hurricane effected areas to know that they may qualify for an increased EITC disbursement. Taxpayers who lived in one of the disaster areas from hurricanes Harvey, Irma or Maria may be able to benefit from a special computation method that is only available to them. Under this special computation method, ...
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